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Transparency and goals

Our design team is located in California and our manufacturers are located overseas. We are selective with our partners in that their fabrics must be certified eco-friendly and our mission statements should align. Prior to working with any company, we review  certifications for employee safety and exceptional working conditions, fair wages, and environmental sustainability. These certifications include, but are not limited to, the following: SA8000 (Social Accountability standard), Fair Trade Certified (fair prices paid to workers), meet OEKO-TEX Standards (non-hazardous materials), bluesign® SYSTEM PARTNER (textile safety for consumers and the environment), etc.

You’re probably wondering how is this really sustainable if we're working with overseas companies? We try to reduce our carbon footprint as much as possible while considering our small business model. To do this, we do our very best to select fabrics that are bio-based, made from regenerative fibers, or are biodegradable. Additionally, we opt for neutral or reduced carbon emission shipment methods, whichever is available. For example, we have our shipments of inventory transported by sea which produces significantly lower carbon emissions. We also only order our products in bulk only when we need to - that means not ordering at a fixed interval and only ordering when we need to - to lessen the carbon emissions from freight transportation. 

Future Plans for 8760:

We’re dedicated to pushing the activewear industry forward with sustainability practices. Here’s our plan:

Circular economy - We plan to join the efforts of other companies in creating a circular economy and encourage our community and customers to get involved. A circular economy is simply one where the garment never meets landfill whether it is by refuse, reduce, reuse, repurpose, or recycling. We’re already starting with the first, “refuse,” in that we specifically do not work with fabrics that are not made with eco-friendly material. We also reduce our waste upfront by opting for less plastic waste when shipping our products to customers where possible. Our pieces do come in garment bags that are soft plastics, however this choice was made to ensure they are protected and handled safely for our customers. Otherwise, we opt for biodegradable or recyclable packaging. As for reuse, repurpose, or recycling, we are working toward partnering with companies that repurpose or recycle garments. Additionally, we are working toward the possibility of implementing a take-back program for our customers where you will be able to purchase a shipping bag to send us back your well-loved 8760 products and we will send them for professional cleaning and either: recycle through traceable donations - meaning, we know they will be given to someone in need of clothing and not sold to them - or re-posted on our site at a heavy discount for others to love. We just ask for your patience while we grow as a brand and work toward these future goals.

Men’s apparel - We are excited to offer sustainable, functional and high quality pieces for men. This will take some time as right now, we are focused on getting things right with the products we’re currently offering. 

More inclusive sizing options - This is our priority when it comes to improving our products offered. We’re actively working on making more inclusive sizing options. We ask for your patience on this, because as a small company, we are limited with our resources as we start out. Rest assured, this is at the top of our list when considering improvements to our products. 

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