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Returns and Exhanges

See our policies here.

Shipping and Delivery

Do you offer international shipping?

At this time, we do not offer international shipping outside of the US and Canada. We are working on building our brand and plan to open our store to customers overseas as soon as we can

What is the expected shipping time?

Depending on which option you choose at check out, your order will leave our facility within 2-4 business days of placing it and will be delivered between 2-14 days from the time of shipment. Please review your delivery options carefully and select the best one that works for you. We are humans working to ensure your orders are checked for quality before being shipped out, so please allow us some time to prepare them ☺.

I want to update my delivery option to something faster/slower, how can I do that?

Please reach out to us at support@8760shop.comOnce you submit a request to our inbox, please allow 2-3 business days for a response. If you do not want to wait for a response, our suggestion is to cancel and re-order your order. 

Note: if you reach out after 24 hours of placing your order, we may have already began the process of packing and shipping it out and therefore a change might not be possible. 

Questions About Your Order

Can I modify or cancel my order after it's placed?

Once an order is place, you can request changes to be made at Please be aware that there may instances where your change request cannot be accommodate, this includes if we do not have the size, style, or color of the piece(s) you would like to change your order to and other such instances. Once you submit a change request to our inbox, please allow 2-3 business days for a response.

Where is my order?

In the off chance that your order has not shipped within the specified amount of days noted on the shipping page, please send us an email at Be sure to include your order number and your email used to place the order to minimize delays in finding your order status. 

Product Questions

Are your products ethically sourced or sustainable?

Our products are considered sustainable as they are made from eco-friendly materials. We only work with manufacturers who source fabrics ethically. That is, the fabrics are made from: natural, regenerative sources (e.g. seaweed, bamboo, vegetal fibers), post-consumer products (e.g. plastic bottles, used clothing), agri-waste (e.g. banana plants, citrus peels). Sourcing our products this way has an additional benefit. Since we only work with these manufacturers and our products are exclusively only made with eco-friendly materials and processes, we are encouraging manufacturers, other brands, and our customers to rethink producing or buying clothing that is not made from eco-friendly fabrics. Ultimately, our mission is to change the trajectory of the activewear industry to using mostly eco-friendly materials.

Our products are ethically sourced in that we vet our manufacturers for certifications of fair employer practices, safe working conditions, happy employees, and sustainable processes and practices. If our manufacturers source their eco-friendly fabrics from a third party, we also ensure those companies have the same types of certifications.

What does it mean to have small batch production?

Our current approach to our business is centered around small batch production. This means that our inventory is limited and will restock based on customer feedback.

For example, instead of stocking 10,000 unites of a style, we stock 500. If we see that customers love the product, we will restock and evaluate if we should stock more than 500. 

We do this for a couple of reasons...the first being that quality is our priority. With smaller batches, we can ensure each piece is made with attention and care. Our catalog is quite small, because each product is designed and tested as many times as needed until it is beyond satisfactory. We believe in quality over quantity, always. Second, we minimize wasteful overproduction of products and byproducts that are naturally produced during the process. Third, this allows us to improve our pieces more efficiently when needed by receiving customer feedback and releasing improved products in reasonable time. 

Read more about our small batch approach here.

What do the symbols on my care label mean?

Our care labels generally suggest to wash your garments in cold water, do not tumble dry, do not dry clean, do not iron, and do not bleach. 

Are the colors accurate to what's shown on the website?

The colors shown on our site may look slightly different in person. This is because of things like varying screen settings, lighting, types of dyes. Our products are dyed using mostly organic or natural dyes, so you can expect a little variation. The difference in color should be subtle and barely noticeable, but we do need to disclose that there could be variation due to those reasons mentioned.

Recycling Shipping Bags

What should I do with the recycled mailers my package comes in?

You can reuse the recycled mailers in a couple of ways or you can gather them with other soft plastics (I.e. plastic grocery bags, the garment bags your products come in, plastic wrap, bubble wrap, bread bags) and take them to a recycling center (soft plastics cannot be recycled in your home's curbside recycling bin). If you choose to reuse your bags, you can use them in the following ways:

1. Packaging returns and exchanges

2. Storage bags

3. Cushion for packing fragile items in gifts, moving boxes, etc.

4. Collection bags for other soft plastics until it is time to drop them off at a recycling location

When your recycled mailer meets its end-of-use point, meaning it is time to dispose of it, review the list below to find a center for soft plastic recycling within the United States. 

Film & Bag Recycling Partners List

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