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Sustainability and how you can start

Sustainability and how you can start

Joining the sustainability movement doesn’t need to be complicated or expensive. Even small, everyday choices can make a bit of a difference. Whether you’re consciously making the choice to sort your trash or donating your time by volunteering with conservation groups, all of these efforts from us as a society are important. Sustainability in itself means to avoid depleting our natural resources to maintain an ecological balance. Simply put, we need to work together to preserve our planet so that all of its people, plants and animals can thrive. 

Many of us ask the same question when we think about sustainability and it’s usually along the lines of “how do I start practicing this?”. The plethora of information available to us now thanks to the internet, social media platforms, digitized and paper books, and our conversations with others makes sustainability seem like an overwhelming topic. Our advice is to start small and build from there. You don’t have to be perfect at it, just try and do what you can. Here are some examples of sustainability practices you can start doing today:

  • Buy consciously 
    • Opt for clothing made from recycled or recyclable fabrics. Our products are made with recycled fabrics and our goal is to offer a system that keeps them out of landfill as much as possible. 
    • If it is accessible to you, opt for organic produce - organic farming tends to use less energy, pesticides, and fertilizer which can be healthier for you and the environment. 
  • Incorporate new habits in your daily routine
    • Take a moment to sort your trash when you can. Place recyclables, compostables, and true waste in their correct bins. If you’re unsure what is considered recyclable versus compostable, check out this page for compost 101 and this for recycling codes.
    • Pay attention to packaging when making your purchases. You can make a big difference by simply opting for more sustainable packaging for your goods. We use recycled packaging to ship our products, even our printed shipping labels are 100% compostable. Our packaging is not only made from post-consumer recycled material, but they are also reusable for returns when you need them (you can even use them for returns to other companies if they’ll accept our bags). When our shipping bags have reached their final destination and can no longer be used, they can be placed in the recycling bin and broken down into reusable material.

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