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Behind the name

There are 8,760 hours in a calendar year. The name 8760 (aka 87sixty) represents the time that we are given to not only pursue our goals, but to make positive choices while we’re at it.

As an activewear enthusiast, I struggled to find pieces that matched my standards for quality, comfort, functionality, and style. Disappointed by the quick wear and tear of my purchases, I also found that higher-priced items didn't always live up to their quality promises. Finally, after spending excessive amounts of money on activewear, I felt guilty seeing pieces pile up in my closet with little intention to rewear. It felt wasteful. That is when I decided to make the shift to sustainable, eco-friendly clothing. Frustrated by the lack of sustainable options in the market, I decided to create my own line. I decided on the name 8760, as a reminder to myself to make every moment count. It's a reminder to pursue your goals, learn from failures, and make better choices - such as choosing sustainable activewear.

At 8760, our goal is to offer better options for sustainable activewear and athleisure. We prioritize comfort, style, and functionality while ensuring our fabrics are eco-friendly. Beyond providing quality products, we aim to empower our community with sustainable practices. As a growing small business, we are dedicated to turning our dream into a reality and evolving our brand to better serve our customers with improved products and services. See our transparency and goals page for more on this.

We aim to provide products that you can feel great about purchasing and wearing. Even if you choose another brand, our mission is to raise awareness about the significance of sustainable clothing. Your conscious choices make a meaningful impact, and we're here to support and educate you on that journey. You should feel great in the clothes you choose to wear.

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